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Apple With all the news about Anonymous, LulzSec, Anti-Sec, and so on, you'd almost forget there are more ethical hacking groups out there as well. One such group, YGN Ethical Hacker Group, informed Apple of several weaknesses in its developers website on April 25. Apple acknowledged the flaws, but so far, hasn't done anything about them. YGN Ethical Hacker Group has now stated they will fully disclose the vulnerabilities if Apple doesn't fix them in the coming few days.
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So what happens when it get's patched
by kaelodest on Thu 30th Jun 2011 00:24 UTC in reply to "RE: What is gained?"
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thanks for the insight, however I will still arrive at the original position. If one Tricked a user into a malware install then that is cute but it is not an exploit. An unpatched Mac will not go 'zombie' on it's own. An unpatched Linux install will not go rogue - BOTH will expect admin access. Servers *could-possibly* be set to auto update and reboot but that is NOT the default Linux install. AND that is what SACLs and Service accounts are for. Meanwhile Windows still does the same old same old (Security as a Rogue Process) and promises us that this time it will be different.
No. All OS's vulnerabilities are eploitable or even well documented, but only one vendor/(Kernel+HAL) has so many holes. Sure it will all be fixed in the next version of windows but I cannot escape the feeling that calling out the Mac OS or ANY other OS for security every July is exactly Linkbait.
(•_~)I am once again speaking about a properly configured unit. I would never run a Windows box on the web in the default settings as the Admin account. YES that is how the Mac OS Ships but if that is the case then where are the worms and root-kits. My position is that the proof is in the pudding.
-=-If I run a non-admin client for 24 hours clean and it is 'safe' 89.1% in *nix and 100% infected at the end of the day in Dot-Net or Active-X then that IS no reason to call out the MacOS as being exploitable with no "Out of Lab Exploits" - You know like a Mac with no browser open going zombie on a non admin box, Prove it.

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