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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Well, well, well. It would seem that HP wasn't kidding around when it coyly said it was open to licensing webOS to third-party manufacturers. Bloomberg interviewed HP CEO Leo Apotheker, and he confirmed that HP is talking to several companies about the possibility of licensing webOS.
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Comment by Tractor
by Tractor on Thu 30th Jun 2011 07:55 UTC
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I agree

Stating that they don't want to be "one of many" OS would definitely rule out Samsung. No way they would ever make "Web OS" their "prime" OS. They already have in-house Bada if they want to go that route. And they don't, as they have clearly favored Android, and do not mind producing WP7 devices occasionally.

Oh, and by the way, trying to look for partners which will use "Web OS" as their prime OS is likely a no-go, save some very small companies which do no interest HP.

It looks to me HP/Palm have not yet acknowledge their market position. I mean, do they seriously think anyone is waiting for them ?

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