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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Google is activating half a million Android devices a day, a big jump in just the last couple months, a sign of growing momentum for the platform. While SymbianOS appears to be hanging on in the mobile arena, trends indicate that the iOS share is slipping slightly, losing ground to Android. The pure marketshare numbers don't tell the whole story, since the entire segment is growing rapidly, so even platforms that are in declining share might be adding new users. But if the upsurge in Android activations continues, Android may overtake iOS in a few months and move into second place behind SymbianOS. Blackberry is in a slow decline, while WP7 does not have enough market share to appear in the statistics.
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by Neolander on Thu 30th Jun 2011 09:24 UTC in reply to "Comment by frood"
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Change the time scale to eliminate the noise and see the long-term picture, too ;) It's quite interesting...

World-wide : iOS slowly fades into irrelevance at the same rate that Android grows, Symbian is not as dead as lots of people think, and despite a good effort RIM are now sinking too...

Africa : Direct illustration of how important building OSs which run on cheap phones is important. Gimmicky apps won't save a product if it's simply overpriced compared to how much people are willing to pay.

Asia : Symbian's losing, Android's growing, the rest is essentially stagnating

Europe : iOS is particularly strong and Symbian is particularly weak there. Here, iOS is relatively stable, as Android grows at the expense of Symbian

N. America : Rise and fall of giants... iOS crashing in flames, Android rising pretty quickly, RIM struggling but not dead yet.

Oceania : Say hello to iPhone ! I don't know what has happened there (maybe someone can explain), but iOS sure seems to be extremely popular. There seems to be some flawed measurements around, though, judging by how wildly the numbers vary. Perhaps, there simply enough data to do stats on, like in Antarctica.

S. America : iOS is dead after a momentary burst of popularity, Android's struggling but slowly growing, and Symbian's losing ground. Only spectacular variation is bada here, which has apparently implanted itself quite well.

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