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Apple Well, this just got interesting. There's been a bit of a backlash over Apple's Final Cut X Pro, which is considered a step down from previous versions by many professional videographers, as they claim it lacks countless features - leading to the nickname 'iMovie Pro'. Former Shake product designer and former Apple employee Ron Brinkmann has now weighed in on the situation. His advice to professionals? Don't rely on companies like Apple.
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RE[4]: Apple is getting arrogant
by Valhalla on Thu 30th Jun 2011 09:31 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Apple is getting arrogant"
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Ignoring the hardcore gamer market with Wii seems to have paid off quite well.

That's just Thom showing off his usual bias. Because the 3DS hasn't sold aswell as the DS did Thom sees the opportunity to spell doom and disaster for Nintendo. It's getting old.

It's true that NDS (and Gameboy Advance before that) totally dominated the handheld game market, but obviously there are tougher times now with the mobile phone segment moving in hard aswell as the PSP having gained alot of ground with a strong software lineup.

So no, I can't see the 3DS sell nearly as good as the DS did, but only those with agendas (like Thom) will try to translate this into Nintendo 'being back on square one'.

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