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Original OSNews Interviews OSNews interviews Alexander Tsolkas, security consultant, Director Sales & Marketing at Iπsec Ltd. Germany, and creator of HSS, or High Security Server, a highly secure Linux kernel and a proprietary management Control Panel. We ask him about his product and about the state of ultra high security computing.
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by Gullible Jones on Thu 30th Jun 2011 16:08 UTC
Gullible Jones
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This is interesting, but it also feels like Tsolkas is pushing his product. Not that he doesn't have a right to do that; but the whole thing looks just a little odd to me. And HSS doesn't seem to have much of a following; Googling it turns up this article and little else.

Also, I don't know Systrace from Adam, but considering the OpenBSD people consider it okay, I'm a bit confused by Tsolkas' dismissal of it as providing "bad security."

I'll admit I'm no security guru. But doesn't this smack a bit of scare marketing and FUD?

Edit: "Director Sales & Marketing..." Oh yeah. Duh.

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