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Original OSNews Interviews OSNews interviews Alexander Tsolkas, security consultant, Director Sales & Marketing at Iπsec Ltd. Germany, and creator of HSS, or High Security Server, a highly secure Linux kernel and a proprietary management Control Panel. We ask him about his product and about the state of ultra high security computing.
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Closed source code?
by Alfman on Thu 30th Jun 2011 16:51 UTC
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Although it was obviously a sales pitch, I think he's right that linux security is in a bit of disarray. Like he said, apparmor will do the job, but it has a lot of room for improvement.

"We wrote in 2008 in IDG Computerwoche (Computerweek) about it and three days later somebody broke into our Hamburg offices and tried to steal the source code. Fact is, we never had the source in our offices...So we think, that one of the existing three-letter-code agencies on earth tried their luck. Since that time, we’ve been keeping a low profile."

I don't understand this at all, isn't the code running in the kernel open source? Is it just the control panel which is closed source? If so, then why would any agencies really care about it?

I certainly hope he's not implying that keeping the source code secret is crucial to the security of the system. A source code leak shouldn't compromise security in the first place.

Edit: I'm probably reading into it to much, but I just don't understand why he'd bother to bring it up.

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