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Original OSNews Interviews OSNews interviews Alexander Tsolkas, security consultant, Director Sales & Marketing at Iπsec Ltd. Germany, and creator of HSS, or High Security Server, a highly secure Linux kernel and a proprietary management Control Panel. We ask him about his product and about the state of ultra high security computing.
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RE[2]: Marketing?
by dzx6w3 on Thu 30th Jun 2011 19:07 UTC in reply to "RE: Marketing?"
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Hi Soulbender, it is me, Alex.

So let me give you some answers.n.runs AG is one of the best pentesting companies here in Germany and tested it. Call them, one of the two directors is American. It is DOnald Lee.

You forgot the 4 Laptops in addition to the 2 LBs.

It first has been published in IDG Computerwoche in the online blog "Security Expert Council - called Security Expertenrat", but IDG closed that blog in 2010. Look it up in Google Cache please.

We are not afraid that somebody steels the code for the Unix OS, but for the control panel software (licenseware) which controls the security functions we have implemented. We have no intention of making people scary, we are just selling a secure OS.

Why do you argue so agressive? Be happy. Somebody invented something for good. By the way, Chief Developer was Marc Delling. Laugh, we are going to make our money with it anyhow, we already do. But just in case, that somebody spends 10 mandays in front of an SE-Linux to get it secure, we have a quicker, and well, of course a more expensive solution.

We send David a copy of the license soon, so maybe you got a chance to look at it too.

Bye for now, Alex

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