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Original OSNews Interviews OSNews interviews Alexander Tsolkas, security consultant, Director Sales & Marketing at Iπsec Ltd. Germany, and creator of HSS, or High Security Server, a highly secure Linux kernel and a proprietary management Control Panel. We ask him about his product and about the state of ultra high security computing.
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RE[3]: Comment by Soulbender
by Soulbender on Fri 1st Jul 2011 01:33 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by Soulbender"
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I am so impressed of all your technical knowledge you have given to your best here in this whole discussion.

Nice job insulting my technical knowledge (of which you know nothing). Nowhere in my post did I insult the technical skills of you or your team. Maybe you have a great product, maybe not. There's now way for me to tell because you provided so very little technical information and there are no sources of information.

You did not had one real technical interest instead of blowing farts into this blog.

There was little technical info provided. You mostly provided hyperbole and a sensationalist conspiracy theory as to why someone broke into your office. As I said, an interview with technical details provided by the designer would have resulted in a more technical and interesting discussion.

The culture I come from, works differently from your's.

You don't even know what my culture is. Hint: not american.

I am sure that was developpping already, when you were still running around the Christmas Tree with a drum around your neck.

I wouldn't bet on it.

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