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Apple Newly published results show Apple's newly adopted Thunderbolt technology blows FireWire 800 out of the water with data transfer speeds to an external RAID system at 700MB/s.
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RE[3]: Where's eSATA?
by novad on Fri 1st Jul 2011 05:15 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Where's eSATA?"
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1. Please do note that Intel is the designer of the Thunderbolt technology. So much for Apple reinventing the wheel.

Maybe... Won't argue on that (Don't know enough about the subject).

2. Thunderbolt is far faster than USB 3.0 and other competing technologies.

Well... If you talk about eSata for example it's allready an old technology... So if you compare it to it's first release you're right but it's also evolving and announced speed is not so different from thunderbolt (For equivalent public availability).

3. Again it isn't Apple's solution but rather comes from Intel. Apple is merely an early adopter. Firewire was adopted by dozens of corporations whose CEOs are responsible for managing in one year more money than you will ever see in your life.

Well No... Apple was clearly involved from the beginning with firewire and is commonly seen as the designer of this technology (In comparison, USB was designed by multiple other companies)

4. Apple moved to embrace industry standards with the CHRP platform in the mid 90s and has been evolving toward more standard hardware ever since. On the matter of compatibility I can legally run Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and pretty much any other operating system on my MacBook. I can run Windows apps side by side with KDE and MS Office for Mac. Can you say the same for your Dell laptop?

This last point is pure trolling I think... Anyway. Apple adopted "most" industry standards for financial reasons. It was much too expensive to support another platform and "reinventing the wheel" ;-)
You can run Windows (or others) on "Apple" hardware because THEY (the others) are open and accept this kind of usage... Now that apple uses Standard hardware there's no reason why it shouldn't work.
And you're right... I can't say the same from a Dell laptop because of Apple's lock-in. Even if you technically resolve the lock-in Apple will sue you to hell.

Fail troll is fail. [/q]
You're right ;-)

P.S: Sorry for my english... It's not my native language

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