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Apple Newly published results show Apple's newly adopted Thunderbolt technology blows FireWire 800 out of the water with data transfer speeds to an external RAID system at 700MB/s.
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RE[5]: Where's eSATA?
by novad on Fri 1st Jul 2011 10:39 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Where's eSATA?"
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I do know about the subject. I've told you directly, and you are free to research the matter yourself.

I'll certainly do it when I have some time. To be honest it's not an immediate priority. But it'll certainly happen soon.

We aren't talking about eSATA, we are talking about Thunderbolt.

Hum... I answered to that:

Thunderbolt is far faster than USB 3.0 and other competing technologies.

So for me... Yes... You were talking about Thunderbolt in comparison to other technologies and my answer was relevant.

The original claim stated that Apple "tout[s] it as being 50x faster than the competition".

True for SOME other technologies... Certainly not all the competition. It's only one word, but it changes completely the meaning of the statement

The fact is, Thunderbolt is extremely fast.


It is faster than some, not as fast as others.


Of course if it is significantly faster than some specific technology that is otherwise commonly used for the same problem domain, marketing will make a point of that and moreover would be fools if they didn't.

That's the point... Marketing says "we're better than others". Reality says "This technology is good (Technically speaking) but...".

TB is certainly better than some technologies commonly used actually, but TB isn't a technology commonly used either... It's like comparing apples with oranges.

It's relevant to compare an upcoming technology to another upcoming technology, not to a legacy one.

I never said Apple wasn't involved in Firewire. I said Intel is the recognized designer of Thunderbolt, formerly known as Light Peak. Do your homework.

Please keep polite. It's not because you're safely hidden behind your iWhatever that you have to be rude.

This appart... You said exactly this:

Again it isn't Apple's solution but rather comes from Intel. Apple is merely an early adopter. Firewire was adopted by dozens of corporations whose CEOs are responsible for managing in one year more money than you will ever see in your life.

The way you said it implied Apple was only one of the adopter of this technology... Nothing more (Interpretation I agree). And that's still wrong. Sorry if you don't like this fact.

[Apple] is commonly seen as the designer of this technology

Which is why Intel is listed as the designer on the wikipedia page, right?

That's simply wrong... It's Apple which is listed as the designer. Please read again (Right column with factual description):

The last point wasn't a troll but rather a counterpoint to the claim that Apple always reinvents the wheel, as was claimed by the OP. You've already acknowledged that Apple has avoided reinventing the wheel. The reasons, be they financial or otherwise, are beside the point and absolutely irrelevant.

Really? Ok... It's a point of view.

P.S: I've acknowledged that apple avoided reinventing the wheel by adopting some standards... It was never a general statement about Apple's politic.

The fact is, I can run more software to include Linux, Windows, and Macintosh in a more integrated fashion than any other platform on the planet. .... This enables me to select the right tool for the job regardless of the job as I have all the tools at my disposal.

In my company we have about 500 workstations... Some of them are from Apple. The amount of problems with missing software, integration difficulties, compatibility of documents is really amazing.
Distrust me if you want, but I have much less problems finding the tools we need in our M$ environment.

If it's the right tool for you... I'm happy for you and will certainly not advise you to change. But you arn't the keeper of universal truth. For some(most?) professionals, Apple products simply don't fit their needs.

Whether it is for licensing or any other reasons, no other platform on Earth can claim to do what the Macintosh can do.

Morally and technically discutable. But I won't argue on that. I don't think you would discuss that statement rationally.

P.S: I'm not interested in flamewars and overall... I'm working. I hope you'll understand that I can't continue this discussion.

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