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Apple Newly published results show Apple's newly adopted Thunderbolt technology blows FireWire 800 out of the water with data transfer speeds to an external RAID system at 700MB/s.
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RE[7]: Where's eSATA?
by novad on Fri 1st Jul 2011 14:59 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Where's eSATA?"
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Usb3,eSata and Firewire can do some of the things (most of?) Thunderbolt can do. However there are things such as external gfx cards that only Thunderbolt can do effectively. Sony is using this same tech in the new Z series laptops (but are shoving it in a usb connector, so they cannot call it Thunderbolt)

OK... Interesting. As I said before I'll certainly check all this when I'll have a bit of time left.

I fail to see how calling you out for your failure to read is being rude.

Telling me I missunderstood is certainly not a problem... Especially as my english is far away from being good.
On the other side, putting stupid and condescending comments like "Do your homework" is certainly not something he would have said if I was sitting in front of him.

Ok, you seem not understand the subject of his commentary. He is talking about Light Peak/Thunderbolt not Firewire (the "it" clearly refers to TB).

OK with that (I never contested that part anyway)

The second part was contesting that Firewire was only implemented by apple, that is wrong, it eventually made it PCs (lost rellevance beacause USB was already entrenched and "good enough" for most people).

IF it's that he wanted to tell... Well. Then I probably missunderstood... I certainly agree that other brands also implemented it.

Again, Here he is talking about TB not firewire.

As much as I agree that I could have misunderstood the preceeding point I don't agree on this one...

He clearly answered to my statement that was also clearly about Firewire (I posted even twice the link to the corresponding page). And at this point pretending FW is not Apple's baby is simply not true (And he knows it).

I believe he is implying that because he can run OSX, Linux AND Windows this gives him access to all software available, not that OSX has the most software (It clearly doesn't). Then again OSX does give you access to unix tools that aren't available in Windows (except via Cygwin?).

Through virtualisation you have a lot of possibilities under any possible OS... That's why I totally agree with what (or how) YOU say it... The way he said it was quiet biased (Personal feeling).

Once again... As I said in my first post... English is not my native language. So if I missunderstand something, clarification is welcome.

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