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Apple As we reported earlier this week, YGN Ethical Hacker Group threatened to go full disclosure with a security flaw in Apple's developers' website. Apple has given in to the pressure, and has fixed the flaw. Since it's been fixed, the details of the flaw are now available online.
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RE: Maybe?
by Alfman on Sat 2nd Jul 2011 01:53 UTC in reply to "Maybe?"
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"Or maybe YGN Ethical Hacker Group got wind that Apple were about to fix it and took the opportunity for some free publicity, graciously supplied by a few news and blog sites?"

If your "interpretation" is true, then that means apple has more to worry about since there are spies leaking unresolved vulnerability information to outsiders.

Cross site scripting errors are relatively easy to find. Given how secretive apple are, I think it's much more probable that the group discovered the flaw on it's own and forced apple's hand.

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