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Apple Newly published results show Apple's newly adopted Thunderbolt technology blows FireWire 800 out of the water with data transfer speeds to an external RAID system at 700MB/s.
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RE[4]: Where's eSATA?
by kefkathecruel on Sun 3rd Jul 2011 18:43 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Where's eSATA?"
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When the audience is Apple fanboys, a little oversimplification is essential. After all, these are people who stubbornly insist that early implementers of a technology should get just as much credit as the inventor (and that's when they're not just outright giving Apple credit for inventing everything). [/q[

And what about when they are Windows or Linux fanbois? I've been using Apple GUIs since before Windows even existed, long before Linux existed. Just admit you don't care about the truth and don't know what you're talking about rather than trying to backpedal after the fact.

"Uh, yeah, I'm pretty sure that x86 existed and was widely available when Apple went with PPC.

Actually x86-64 was not available when Apple first began using PPC chips in its machine. Wikipedia suggests that x86-64 wasn't even announced until 1999 and Apple began shipping PPC Macs in March 1994. So you're wrong, again.

VGA wasn't introduced until 1987, Apple began shipping Macs in 1984 and began shipping Apples in the late 70s. VGA wasn't an option, so guess what? That's right, wrong again.

And yet, none of the other major computer makers

Try again. Form a complete sentence. Use your words.

Translation: they implement standard technologies long after every other major computer maker had implemented them, and only because it was becoming an embarrassment.

Quite contrary to your earlier statement. Make up your mind. Either Apple adopts non-standard technology too early or they adopt standard technology too late.

[Try following your own advice. And sine I'm such a nice guy, I'll throw in another free piece of advice: try not being so easily-trolled next time.

Cause we need more trolls on OS News.

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