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Apple Even though I was extremely sceptical of this whole tablet thing, I bought an iPad 2 a few weeks ago. Obviously, this occasion couldn't pass by without a proper review of the thing on OSNews, so here we are. Inside, my view on the iPad 2, and more importantly, how my perception of tablets has been turned around completely.
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Comment by leos
by leos on Sun 3rd Jul 2011 23:21 UTC
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The problem is that Apple expects you to put the tablet on its back when typing, but this means that when you are trying to select text or position the cursor, your finger obscures the magnifying glass!

I don't get this. When you hold your finger down the magnifying glass is above your finger. Unless you have some sort of upside down grip you're not going to obscure the magnifier.

On the filesystem thing. I think Apple made the right choice in leaving out the filesystem precisely for the reason you fault them in other areas. They didn't just want to slam the desktop idea of a filesystem, which is so painfully obvious on Android onto a tablet. It took longer to come out than it should have, but I think iCloud really is a smarter way to do this. I don't want my iPad to be a glorified USB stick, I want it to be smarter than that. iOS 5 makes it smarter.

As for consistency, I'm a big fan of it normally, however the fact is I don't think it is that important on the simplified UIs of tablets. You go on for a whole page about how jarring it is to use the iPad interface, but I have not once had that feeling, nor have I ever seen anyone that hasn't been able to pick it up within 30 seconds.

When you have a complex interface with hundreds of possible actions, consistency is a big deal. When the whole interface is overseeable at a glance, it doesn't really matter if a button has a gradient or not. Of course there are still some hideous examples of UI design, but actually I find the average iPad app is extremely simple to use, and I think the majority agrees.

In the end, it really is quite mystifying why a tablet is better than a laptop. There is no real good reason for it, but when I had the iPad around I used it way more than any other computer in the house. It's just.. better somehow.

However, I'm also waiting for the iPad 3 or something better before I spend real money on it. After the iPhone 4, the iPad's screen is just not nearly sharp enough. Also better cameras would be welcome. The bits on the iPad 2 are pretty budget. Maybe next year.

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