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Apple Even though I was extremely sceptical of this whole tablet thing, I bought an iPad 2 a few weeks ago. Obviously, this occasion couldn't pass by without a proper review of the thing on OSNews, so here we are. Inside, my view on the iPad 2, and more importantly, how my perception of tablets has been turned around completely.
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RE[2]: Comment by Luminair
by phoenix on Mon 4th Jul 2011 05:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Luminair"
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For those who say that a netbook/laptop can do anything a tablet can do, I'd like to see you bitches try to use a netbook/laptop on the crapper. Or kicked back on the couch. Or lying in bed. Or on the bus. Or on a long car ride. Sure, you could use a smartphone in those instances, but a tablet gives you more screen real-estate to work with, making it easier to navigate.

I've used my 10.1" eeePC in all those places. Works quite nicely. When lying down, you just push the screen all the way open, turning it into a nicely curved "tablet".

Not sure why you'd think a palmtop wouldn't work in the crapper.

Thing about a laptop is that you can't hold it in one hand, while surfing the web with one finger on the other hand.

Uh, yeah, you can. Works very well. Even when lying down. They have a trackpad, which works with the same principles as a touchscreen. :rolleyes: Can even play games on it, so long as they only need mouse or keyboard and not both.

The biggest downside to an iPad is just how hard it is to get media, documents, files of any kind onto it in order to do anything with them. Thom mentioned this in the article. We had big plans at work to use iPads for board meetings to replace paper ... until we actually tried to use them in that fashion. You'd think it would be simple to just put PDFs onto the network to access, but it's not that easy to do with an iPad. We're planning on building diskless stations into the desks instead.

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