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Apple Even though I was extremely sceptical of this whole tablet thing, I bought an iPad 2 a few weeks ago. Obviously, this occasion couldn't pass by without a proper review of the thing on OSNews, so here we are. Inside, my view on the iPad 2, and more importantly, how my perception of tablets has been turned around completely.
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RE: Waiting for iPad 3
by henderson101 on Mon 4th Jul 2011 09:49 UTC in reply to "Waiting for iPad 3"
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Since I'm into video and multimedia I'd like an HD screen (1280px wide by whatever),

That would make it unwieldy. The iPad as it is is probably as large as it needs to be for the intended use. It's not a replacement for a laptop.

and an HD front web camera (to make my mom happy),

Though it's likely to be in the next model, it's a web cam after all ;-)

Also an SDHC card slot would be nice, reading video -- it would help me out when shooting digicam video on location (the iPad can already decode these).

Pay the ~$30 and get the connection kit. I transfered over 8GB of video this way direct from a couple of 8GB SDHC cards on Friday. It works flawlessly,

Software-wise, the only things I need from iOS is a file management method, because some of the apps I use need to exchange files with another apps (in the 3D, music or video world, it's not uncommon to need to load a processed file from one app to another for different kinds of processing -- since not all apps can do everything). Right now, I need to copy files on my desktop PC, and then copy them back in to the device, to different apps, via iTunes.

No you don't. You just need to install any app that universally accepts "open in" requests (most download managers do this, drop box does this and a bunch of others) and then your editor needs to be able to "open" the file in another app. That's it. I read a lot of online PDF's and some Manga (that generally comes in ZIP/RAR files, otherwise ready to view) and I open the PDF's in Safari and "open in" iBooks - job done. For the Manga, it's slightly more convoluted, but basically: I bought iCab, this has a download manager. I download the file. I rename it to ".cbz" or ".cbr" depending on the original extension, then click "open in" and it transfers to ComicBookLover, ready to read. I haven't manually synced a file for either of those apps for about 2 or so months now.

A more perfect solution would be something like but with "open in" for the files it contains and also a reciprocal universal file open in ability as with many of the downloaders or Dropbox.

Hardly convenient, and definitely not a "post-PC" usability. Also, Bluetooth OBEX, since we're into this file thing.

All it would take is for Apple to create an app that supports USB mounting with the "Open in" functionality described above and you would have most of what you are wishing for. That would also fall in line with the post PC remove tethering mantra.

I don't see an iPad 3 this year - likely January announcement.

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