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Microsoft "One of Microsoft's hottest new profit centers is a smartphone platform you've definitely heard of: Android. Google's Linux-based mobile operating system is a favorite target for Microsoft's patent attorneys, who are suing numerous Android vendors and just today announced that another manufacturer has agreed to write checks to Microsoft every time it ships an Android device. Microsoft's latest target is Wistron Corp., which has signed a patent agreement 'that provides broad coverage under Microsoft's patent portfolio for Wistron's tablets, mobile phones, e-readers and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome platform', Microsoft announced." That's the reality we live in, folks. This is at least as criminal - if not more so - than Microsoft's monopoly abuse late last century. After the Nortel crap, it's completely left the black helicopter camp for me: Microsoft, Apple, and several others are working together to fight Android the only way they know how: with underhand mafia tactics. Absolutely sickening. Hey Anonymous, are you listening? YES I WENT THERE.
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RE[6]: Patents are patents
by lucas_maximus on Wed 6th Jul 2011 00:15 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Patents are patents"
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Gambling is legal too in many juisdictions, but people still get ripped off.

Nobody forced them to gamble ... they didn't get ripped off ... most Casinos even explain the odds of you winning at any particular game ... if they still continue ... knowing that the odds are stacked against you ... that is their fault.

It is perfectly legitimate for people to complain against gambling, and try to get it banned, because it harms people. One could argue that this is the only humanitarian, moral thing to do.

If you are talking about the problems of addiction they are too complex to talk here ... but ...

Many things in life one can get addicted to and it can be harmful ... Food, Alcohol, Sex, Drugs etc etc ... should we ban them all?

Every adult is responsible for theirselves ... Children should be protected from these things ... but adults make their own choices ... and everyone has a choice how much they want to indulge in these things, if at all.

Just because they system allows big business to rip people off is no reason why people should not complain about it and try to get it (example gambling) made illegal, or at least heavily constrained so that people are not harmed, as it should be.

No-one is forcing anyone to go into a casino, bookmakers or sit at a fruitmachine ... much like nobody forces an alcoholic to go to the off-license.

Nobody is ripping anyone off.

Quite a good parallel exists with software patents

No it doesn't.

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