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Microsoft "One of Microsoft's hottest new profit centers is a smartphone platform you've definitely heard of: Android. Google's Linux-based mobile operating system is a favorite target for Microsoft's patent attorneys, who are suing numerous Android vendors and just today announced that another manufacturer has agreed to write checks to Microsoft every time it ships an Android device. Microsoft's latest target is Wistron Corp., which has signed a patent agreement 'that provides broad coverage under Microsoft's patent portfolio for Wistron's tablets, mobile phones, e-readers and other consumer devices running the Android or Chrome platform', Microsoft announced." That's the reality we live in, folks. This is at least as criminal - if not more so - than Microsoft's monopoly abuse late last century. After the Nortel crap, it's completely left the black helicopter camp for me: Microsoft, Apple, and several others are working together to fight Android the only way they know how: with underhand mafia tactics. Absolutely sickening. Hey Anonymous, are you listening? YES I WENT THERE.
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RE[6]: Patents are patents
by Not2Sure on Wed 6th Jul 2011 10:31 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Patents are patents"
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Microsoft are claiming, without any proof, ownership rights over some of the mathematics concepts that Android uses. Microsoft is reportedly charging more for this tenuous claim of ownership than the entire cost of WP7 to OEMs. Most jurisdictions of the world (which is the marketplace for Android) hold that mathematical ideas cannot be owned in this way.

IMO it is extortion, pure and simple.

Ok and the the documents where Microsoft make this claim without proof is? Oh, I see it's only in your head so you can't provide a link. Maybe you should patent it.

Also, you cannot patent mathematics in the US either. Pure algorithms are not patentable in the US where the machine-or-transformation test is still the rule.

Finally the cost of wp7 licenses to OEMs far exceeds the indemnification contracts that are rumored to have seen the light of day. Again, I'm sure you're commenting about something you read from someone who knew who someone who heard that....

Some pundits argue that the total revenue to MS from indemnifcation grants to Android manufacturers combined exceeds total revenue from WP7 licensees but that is directly related to the number of units involved. It's usually done so in a smear campaign to paint Microsoft as more interested in litigation than software development for WP7.

IMO is right. Your opinion. And I'm glad it's worth about exactly what someone is willing to pay for it.

Please let me know when one of these threats from Microsoft (which is a fundamental element in any prosecution of extortion in most US states "pure and simple") ever materializes.

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