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Syllable, AtheOS Red is a new programming language inspired by REBOL, but compiled and open source. The language is currently being bootstrapped by first implementing a lower level dialect, in which the high level, dynamic language will be written. This C class dialect for systems programming, Red/System, has reached beta status after only half a year of development. It now supports using dynamic libraries on Syllable. Also, a new version of Syllable Desktop's FTP client, Transferrer, was released (screenshot accessing Syllable Server).
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RE: Nice to see a non-C compiler
by burnttoys on Wed 6th Jul 2011 13:05 UTC in reply to "Nice to see a non-C compiler"
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The big noises in compilers these days (and has been for a few years) are mostly centered around GLSL, OpenCL and their ilk. Or compilation of dynamic code like Javascript.

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