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Microsoft Well, paint me red and call me a girl scout, I totally did not see this one coming at all. This is so utterly surprising it made my brain explode. Hold on to your panties, because this will rock your world. After pressuring several smaller Android vendors into submission (and yes, HTC is still relatively small compared to other players), Microsoft is now moving on to the big one: Redmond is demanding $15 for every Samsung Android device sold. Samsung's choices are simple: pay up, or face another epic lawsuit.
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Needed: Incorruptible Uber patent
by fran on Wed 6th Jul 2011 18:00 UTC
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There must be some UBER patent somewhere that the Linux foundation or Google can use to "cease and desist" others and basically ensure MAD (mutually assured destruction).

This uber patent should be some very simple but integral part of almost all software like a common UI feature or something.
The patent holder should be incorruptible even by with billion dollar settlement propositions.

We know this can happen. Remember the i4i xml suit.
Microsoft Word was pulled for a short time by the suit from i4i regarding xml in word before Microsoft settled.

In addition, for good measure they should do this with other patents as well by using a small troll company as a front. Like most of them do. Then a counter suit becomes very difficult. Because the troll company don't actually produce anything that infringe on your patents.

And dont feel bad...These companies live by the sword.

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