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Microsoft Well, paint me red and call me a girl scout, I totally did not see this one coming at all. This is so utterly surprising it made my brain explode. Hold on to your panties, because this will rock your world. After pressuring several smaller Android vendors into submission (and yes, HTC is still relatively small compared to other players), Microsoft is now moving on to the big one: Redmond is demanding $15 for every Samsung Android device sold. Samsung's choices are simple: pay up, or face another epic lawsuit.
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by TechGeek on Wed 6th Jul 2011 19:49 UTC
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Not2Sure: I dont know what you been smokin, but wow. You really need to lay off the drugs man.

I have seen lots and lots of people come and go saying "Linux infringes lots of patents." No one ever has anything that stands up in court. If you look at the patents listed in the B&N lawsuit, they are ridiculous. They won't stand a chance. They whole point that makes this work for Microsoft is that no one wants to incur the cost of fighting the battle. Even if they would win, they still lose.

You should do some reading on the whole Oracle vs Google thing. So far, 3-4 of Oracle's patents ave been thrown out. Their slam dunk case is looking weaker and weaker all the time.

As for Google getting involved, they may not be able to. Microsoft hasn't sued them. So while they make the software, they aren't distributing it so they aren't a party of the lawsuit. IANAL, but its at least a possibility.

And everyone is probably wrong about this not costing everyone. Microsoft in the past has not made exclusions for location of deployment. Their deals are usually for units shipped. So likely everyone with a phone is contributing to the Microsoft fund.

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