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Internet & Networking "Members of the European Parliament have demanded to know what lawmakers intend to do about the conflict between the European Union's Data Protection Directive and the U.S. Patriot Act. The issue has been raised following Microsoft's admission last week that it may have to hand over European customers' data on a new cloud service to U.S. authorities. The company may also be compelled by the Patriot Act to keep details of any such data transfer secret. This is directly contrary to the European directive, which states that organizations must inform users when they disclose personal information."
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Comment by mutantsushi
by mutantsushi on Wed 6th Jul 2011 23:14 UTC
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What is Microsoft´s problem here?
What is stopping them from running a wholly-owned subsidiary in EU jurisdiction, that handles all servers, etc, for it´s users? US requests Patriot shake-down: That info isn´t subject to US requests, as it´s wholly located in EU jurisdiction. US Patriot Act to my knowledge (yes, that´s a big black hole obviously, with ´secret interpretations´ and all) does not impede or impose penalties on US corporations which invest in foreign businesses which aren´t subject to US law. I mean, I guess it should also be mentioned how pretty much all US tech companies are in bed with the National Security State, etc, and so wouldn´t WANT to do such a horrible thing, but it seems like there´s a pretty easy legal out for MS in this case IF THEY WANTED TO PARTAKE OF IT...???

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