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Microsoft Well, paint me red and call me a girl scout, I totally did not see this one coming at all. This is so utterly surprising it made my brain explode. Hold on to your panties, because this will rock your world. After pressuring several smaller Android vendors into submission (and yes, HTC is still relatively small compared to other players), Microsoft is now moving on to the big one: Redmond is demanding $15 for every Samsung Android device sold. Samsung's choices are simple: pay up, or face another epic lawsuit.
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1) Holwerda your knowledge and understanding of software patents is limited to a personal bias and a bunch of wikipedia reading. You are so wrong about it I would suggest rereading at least 3x before you hit that submit button.

We should not cross the border and must stay in the field where we can be called the masters. ;) It is not the first time the author often talk about the subject he doesn't know about or the apparent lack of research. The result is we only entertain our own biases like this one:
Theology is a complex discipline.

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