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Microsoft Well, paint me red and call me a girl scout, I totally did not see this one coming at all. This is so utterly surprising it made my brain explode. Hold on to your panties, because this will rock your world. After pressuring several smaller Android vendors into submission (and yes, HTC is still relatively small compared to other players), Microsoft is now moving on to the big one: Redmond is demanding $15 for every Samsung Android device sold. Samsung's choices are simple: pay up, or face another epic lawsuit.
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Apple and Sony are not much better. Especially Apple these days is developing into a serious bully. ALL large corporations should be boycotted. Unfortunately, that would leave us with nothing :-(

I'm very comfortable with my eComStation and fedora machines. It definitely does not feel like "nothing".
Or do you mean smartphones? Well, I'm old enough to never have needed gimmicks like these. Poor youngsters who cannot survive without cell phones.

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