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Linux Are there too many Linux distributions currently available? Can there be too many? This article explores the effect of the large number of distros out right now and suggests that progress could possibly be made through a consolidation.
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RE: fundamental reason
by John Nilsson on Fri 15th Jul 2005 15:13 UTC in reply to "fundamental reason"
John Nilsson
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Mostly agree with you, except for one thing.

People who start a new distro maybe didn't have an idea for how they'd like their distro to work but rather their OS.

A distribution is about QA, bughunting, maintaining packages resolving dependencies and that kind of stuff.

The creation of new distros is probably more the effect of no other distro beeing capable of supplying the intended OS. So the poor OS creator is forced to create a distribution for this OS.

Debian-Ubuntu is an example of when an OS actually can depend on a distribution.

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