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Syllable, AtheOS Red is a new programming language inspired by REBOL, but compiled and open source. The language is currently being bootstrapped by first implementing a lower level dialect, in which the high level, dynamic language will be written. This C class dialect for systems programming, Red/System, has reached beta status after only half a year of development. It now supports using dynamic libraries on Syllable. Also, a new version of Syllable Desktop's FTP client, Transferrer, was released (screenshot accessing Syllable Server).
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RE[2]: Comment by cipri
by cipri on Thu 7th Jul 2011 19:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by cipri"
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Syllable is open source, under the GPL. If you are so unhappy with its current direction, fork it.

You have not paid them, exchanged contracts, or done anything other than continuously spread hate on this website

I dont want to become personally, but do you have problems with understand the meaning of a question?
I never said that somebody owes me something. If you are not able to understand, you should consult an mathematician, who will logically analize my sentences and tell you the content.

2) Do you have as many years, as many thousands of c++ code i wrote related to syllable? Just two programs that I published have been altogether about 10.000 lines of c++ code. My other applications (sever + client (gui) imitating AltMe, PDF-Viewer based on poppler, a software for translating text imitating the software Lingoes) which I didnt publish, but who have been seen by some syllable devs, are also about more than 20.000 lines of code. The code that I wrote for testing the syllable API is also considerable.
I guess I'm one of the few, how knows the syllable api in detail, all this didn't come over night, it was a lot of time that i spent with syllable. Especially since the syllable api is poorly documented and it has a lot of bugs, and you need to try a lot of hacks to make it work like it should.
Write yourself at least 30.000 lines of code related to syllable like I did, and then come again and tell me that this is nothing.

Help out (contribute), help yourself (fork), or help the world (by shutting up).

As I said before, nobody with a clear mind would spend too much time with syllable. I guess that's also Vanders reason, why he even hasnt written a comment in the last year on the syllable forum, not to talk about writing code.
I guess, you should contribute to syllable if you think it's worth. If you are not able to write c++ code, you can learn it very easy and fast, I encourage you. I still have a clear overview of the current syllable development (and it's internal situation), when you will be contributing I will notice it, and I will be the first to congratulate you. So hurry up contributing.

If you are so unhappy with its current direction, fork it.

Did i say that I'm unhappy with the current direction? No, I didnt say that. I just said that it's pathetic to write write in an osnews article that you fixed some bugs of a very basic application in the last 2-3 years. You must be very desperated if you need to notice that kind of progress in an osnews article.

If you will read again my comments, you will see that somebody owes me something (answered, etc.). Just try again, and read carefully. If you still have problems, consult an mathematician, for example Anthony, he can help you for sure.

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