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Microsoft Well, paint me red and call me a girl scout, I totally did not see this one coming at all. This is so utterly surprising it made my brain explode. Hold on to your panties, because this will rock your world. After pressuring several smaller Android vendors into submission (and yes, HTC is still relatively small compared to other players), Microsoft is now moving on to the big one: Redmond is demanding $15 for every Samsung Android device sold. Samsung's choices are simple: pay up, or face another epic lawsuit.
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Another view
by nillbug on Fri 8th Jul 2011 03:21 UTC
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It seems that the worst that can happen is that the US consumers will have an extra costs to buy an Android. But maybe its not only that.

A few points to note.

- No matter if Samsung pays 15 to Ms, or go to court, at the end, its the consumer who will pay the bill.

- In fact, if Samsung accept to pay MS the $15, Android devices will be sold in the US for the actual price, plus $15.

- If Samsung litigate, the cost will be higher and the Android price increase will also be higher. In this case, not only at the US market, for sure.

- Android has Linux, plus Linux with Google added code, plus non Linux code added by Google, plus code added by Samsung, be it based on Linux or not or in part. No one knows what of those pieces does MS consider to be infringing.

- What Google mean with Android is more people using the net as that increases their sales, if possible also more people using the Google search engine. It would have been very evil if Google added IP protected code in Android without advising the manufacturers, but at the end of the day that would not compromise Google main objective.

- What Mobile makers mean with Android, is to increase sales and profits. If they included IP protected code on the software added by them, on top of Android, they knew they have a contingency and may well have been adding an extra $$ on each Android phone sold since day one to provide for the (more than sure) extra costs. The same is true in case Google has informed them about IP contingencies on the code developed by Google.Big corporates will still get their big profits because the consumer will pay all the extra costs.

Finally, after all its Linux and the OSS who will suffer the highest damages (in its image, credibility and good name because that's the main purpose of MS, considering the way how they present it to the world.

... The big shame is that nobody (google, samsung, or any other) will ever care about that.

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