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Syllable, AtheOS Red is a new programming language inspired by REBOL, but compiled and open source. The language is currently being bootstrapped by first implementing a lower level dialect, in which the high level, dynamic language will be written. This C class dialect for systems programming, Red/System, has reached beta status after only half a year of development. It now supports using dynamic libraries on Syllable. Also, a new version of Syllable Desktop's FTP client, Transferrer, was released (screenshot accessing Syllable Server).
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RE[6]: almost a fork (2)
by cipri on Sun 10th Jul 2011 19:20 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: almost a fork (2)"
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did you notice the existence of jamfiles as replacement of makefiles?
Since I use both (make and jam), I can just recomand to switch to jam (like haiku did). The advantages are just huge.

if you want a "media os", then syllable is definitely the wrong address. The kernel of syllable hasn't had improvements in the last years (except some little commits). Syllable simple doesnt have, and in fact never had a real kernel developer. If you compare the atheos kernel and the syllable kernel you will see how much development there was in the last 10 years related to kernel. More than that, the media server of syllable is in a very bad shape, and nothing changed in the last years. I think vanders planed to rewrite the media-server, if I dont remember wrong. Even the most trivial bugs related to the media-sever havent solved since many many years.
In that domains haiku is much better. The kernel of haiku is constantly developed and optimized. Play 20 movies at the same time with haiku, and then try the same with syllable.

By the way, is it possible that your name is Lucas? :-)

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