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Microsoft "The Microsoft and ETH Zurich research teams have published the source code of Barrelfish, a multikernel operating system for the multicore heterogeneous hardware of the future. Today's operating systems have been adapted to work on multiprocessor and multicore hardware, but they were not initially designed with multicore in mind, and they are not ready for heterogeneous hardware with hundreds of cores that is to come in the following ten years. The main problem is the concept of shared-memory and the contention arising from accessing the same data protected by locks. This is the problem that Barrelfish wants to address."
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Palm in face. No, Windows and Linux applications 'feel' slower because the operating systems were designed for 'throughput' instead of 'response'. These are operating system parameters that you would learn in undergraduate OS class.

BeOS/Haiku was designed from the very beginning for excellent responsiveness. It has many extra threads in the application objects specifically for this purpose. OSNews will run an in-depth article on this shortly.

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