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Legal Blah blah Apple whines about a bunch of software patents again. Go cry in a corner, Jobs. Either find a strategy that counters the rise of Android, or just suck it up and be a man about it. Oh, HTC is the target this time around. Again. Whatever.
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RE[5]: Find a strategy
by danger_nakamura on Tue 12th Jul 2011 06:11 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Find a strategy"
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I agree. Its a shame, probably the inevitable endgame of the ideas behind the "corporation" and exacerbated heavily by public trading. Is there *no* way to structure things so that people are encouraged to just do "good business." Yes, I know, laws. But that seems to leave to the letter/leave-out-the-spirit of-the-law adherance game. It's hard to concieve of a solution that doesn't involve the inpractical and messy business of tearing everything down (I mean everything) and starting from scratch. And a lot of people won't like this.

I've been advocating delisting and going private again to anyone that will listen at the company that I work for. It wouldn't solve everything but it would be a great start. It seems impossible to trade publicly and not slowly become evil. We were better off as a private LLC and we don't actually NEED investor capital for what we do. Not that I deal with anyone of consequence or that anyone would listen to little ole me.

OK - I'm taking off the Pollyanna hat now. You can breathe again :-)

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