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Legal Blah blah Apple whines about a bunch of software patents again. Go cry in a corner, Jobs. Either find a strategy that counters the rise of Android, or just suck it up and be a man about it. Oh, HTC is the target this time around. Again. Whatever.
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RE[2]: Find a strategy
by rhavyn on Tue 12th Jul 2011 15:16 UTC in reply to "RE: Find a strategy"
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1) If they don't feel threatened, why are they fighting with HTC? Suing you competitors is a sign of weakness. Though I can understand the trade dress lawsuit against Samsung.

Do you believe that competing is a sign of weakness? Do you think HTC wouldn't be filing lawsuits against Apple if they felt it would help their business? Anyone who thinks that filing lawsuits isn't just another part of business isn't living in reality. This is how things have been done for 100s of years.

2) Are you a shareholder? Who the *** cares about how much Apple makes. It's great that they make more off their customers. That means they have a good business. Nothing else. Retire that argument, it's useless...

If Thom wants to talk about successful competition then pointing out that Apple is the most profitable cell phone company in the world is hugely important. How do you propose we measure the success of a business, by taking a poll?

3) And yet Android results in 11% more than iPhone still... And it's not falling.

Which is irrelevant as to whether or not Apple is successfully competing. By any rational measure they are extremely successful in the cell phone business.

They are whiners because when they get hit with patent infringement lawsuits, you can't stop hearing how bad the patents are. But when it comes to their own...

So this is all a matter of you being butthurt because Apple doesn't say exactly what you want them to say. And, honestly, I see no real hypocrisy in complaining about what you see as bad patents even if you support patents in general, which is what I believe you mostly hear from Apple. The fact that you believe Apple's patents are also bad still doesn't make they hypocrites.

Really, it'd be a lot easier if someone put up a "we hate business" banner somewhere on this site so that it's clear we're not even trying to have a rational discussion.

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