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Legal Blah blah Apple whines about a bunch of software patents again. Go cry in a corner, Jobs. Either find a strategy that counters the rise of Android, or just suck it up and be a man about it. Oh, HTC is the target this time around. Again. Whatever.
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RE[4]: Find a strategy
by rhavyn on Tue 12th Jul 2011 17:42 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Find a strategy"
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"Except, those are all made up numbers. The most recent data I could find shows iOS has 26.5% of the Korean market:

Did you check the title you linked to for ffs? Let me spell it out for you: Android the Big Winner in Korea’s Ongoing Smartphone Boom Is that the best you can come up with to counter my points? Besides, I didn't make up those numbers - they come from statcounter:

Please don't move the goal posts. You said "They went from a 70% market share in Korea to basically 1-2%, while Android got itself a 95% market share." Fact is, iOS has 26.5% of the market, 26 times bigger than what you claimed. I never said Android is doing poorly, I simply said iOS is doing a fine job competing with it. If I said Android was doing poorly then the title of the article would be relevant. It would also make me sound as idiotic as the people saying Apple is competitive in the cell phone market.

"In Japan the iPhone makes up 38% of the market and is the single best selling phone:

Nice try. However, I was talking about iOS vs Android, not manufacturer X vs Y. And again, for god's sakes, take a look at the title of the article: Android Handsets Surpass IPhone in Japan Smartphone Market Share

Which, again, is irrelevant to what I'm saying. However, it does show that in the "trend-setting" Japan, the iPhone is very popular and sells very well. Which is not what you were claiming.

Regarding iOS vs Android, you realize that iOS in aggregate is going to be bigger than just iPhone, why try splitting that hair since it will make the Japanese numbers look even better for iOS?

"I'm not going to bother looking Taiwan's numbers since it's pretty clear you didn't bother to either.

Alright, I'll do you the favour. Android and iOS marketshare met at about 37% in February. Since than, iOS marketshare shrank to 32% while Android grew to about 45%. The rest of the smartphone OSs didn't change much (about 5% in the same period). It is clear that Android is eating into iOS marketshare on the high-end - unless you suggest the Taiwanese (and the Japanese) are buying cheap Android handsets coming from Chinese mom & pop shops ;)

So, again, Apple holds 30% of the market. A far cry from the 1-2% number you were trying to peddle before. Regarding "eating into" anything, it is very difficult without the overall smartphone growth numbers to read anything into it. In high growth markets in Asia, both Apple and Android could be growing very fast, Android could just be growing faster.

"Which is funny because that graph shows Android growth has been flat since March.

Fell in March than started to grow in April. In the same time period, iOS shrank.

It didn't grow in April, it recovered in April. In other words, it's flat since March.

"But, hey, post something with completely made up numbers that fits what the people moderating here want to see and get voted up. So congrats on that.

Do I detect a hint of bitterness there? Hey, all I'm saying is that Android is eating Apple's lunch, and they can see it - indeed, it would be rather foolish of Apple not to perceive Android as a threat. A year ago, things looked different. The so called analysts expected Android growth on the low-end, and Apple is not interested in that. By now, it is pretty clear that they were wrong. Apple sees that. Apple fanboys apparently don't. Instead, you're trying to discredit me by strawmen arguments: you changed the subject from Android vs iOS to Apple iPhone vs other manufacturers. I never mentioned specific handsets - I was writing about smartphone OSs.

No, you don't detect bitterness, you detect exasperation for people make claims without the slightest shred of evidence or, even worse, reading into or distorting evidence into meaningless crap. Of course Apple considers Android a threat, they also consider Nokia and RIM a threat. I bet they worry even more about some company that no one has even head of yet coming up with the next new thing. On the flip side, anyone claiming that Apple isn't successfully competing is an idiot. And hyperbole like "eating Apple's lunch" is ludicrous.

Finally, you responded to me, not the other way around. My point is and has been that Apple is very successfully competing. A single company with 2 devices maintaing a 30% share in a competitive market against 6 or more companies with dozens or hundreds of devices is such a ridiculously good job of competing that I find it outright insane that people would even debate it. HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, RIM etc. would kill to be in Apple's position. My bias isn't against Android, it's against factually incorrect, misleading, downright stupid posting that isn't even brushing up agains reality. And, honestly, I'm not really sure what the difference is between talking about Android vs iOS and talking about iPhone vs Android since iOS in aggregate is always bigger than iPhone by itself and there is basically no share for Android outside of the smartphone market.

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