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Legal Tell 'm like it is, HTC. "HTC is disappointed at Apple's constant attempts at litigations instead of competing fairly in the market," said HTC general counsel Grace Lei in a statement, "HTC strongly denies all infringement claims raised by Apple in the past and present and reiterates our determination and commitment to protect our intellectual property rights."
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but nobody in the sane tech world (i.e., outside of the US) gives a shit about those, since we chuckle at the idea of patenting math.

Is it any wonder then that the companies who supply the mainstream and most widely used commercial software packages in the world are all based either in the US or other countries who do give a shit about them? What software company that's wildly successful on the international corporate or commercial stage has sprung up out of The Netherlands? Do you think that's coincidence?

Would you or any of the "nobodies in the sane tech world" about whom you speak ever put your tens or possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars at risk to start up a business, then work 100 plus hours a week developing it, possibly even go through the pain and expense of employing people, develop marketing strategies and distribution channels, advertise and promote your product, if you knew that if your concept was a good one a major market player could simply replicate what you've done and with much bigger marketing budgets and distribution channels already in place, destroy you, and as long as they haven't copied your math there'd be absolutely nothing you could do about it? Is that not anti competition?

I'm as much for patent reform and abolishing trivial patents of any sort as the next person, for starters patents should all have a much shorter lifespan IMHO, but your assertion that only people with pro-MS/Apple agenda are for software patents is not only wrong but misguided and misguiding.

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