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Linux In an interview with the Austrian tech site Google's Chris DiBona talks about the important role Open Source plays inside of Google. He also goes on to explain why "Android is the Linux desktop dream come true".
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Christian Paratschek
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I've actually read the whole comment because from time to time, I just want to know how the brains of these dipshits really work.

The funniest thing about it: as an Austrian, I hear the exact same story about jews from our right-wing extremists too. But they connect the Jews with CAPITALISM instead of communism! They talk about Jews dominating the World Economy trying to destroy hard-working Germans.

As you can see, you can spin the story however you want.

Man, it seems to be so easy to live in a bubble where you just blame someone else for failing in your own life. You're a loser, man. You can't compete with other people on merit. And deep inside you KNOW that. But you just can't admit it and try to work harder and be a better person. So all you've left is pointer fingers at others.

You're a loser. You take the blue pill every day and stay in your little fantasy. You wouldn't dare touching the red pill - because you could not persevere the consequences.

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