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Linux Are there too many Linux distributions currently available? Can there be too many? This article explores the effect of the large number of distros out right now and suggests that progress could possibly be made through a consolidation.
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RE: Do we need to "win"?
by John Nilsson on Fri 15th Jul 2005 15:36 UTC in reply to "Do we need to "win"?"
John Nilsson
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Not saying that a One True Linux is the solution but you forgot the bad things.

The bad:

Not beeing able to sync my phone with my computer because the vendors "Install-CD" assumes PC == Win32

Trying to figure out what takes the most time. Install and confugure samba OR convincing my friends to install and use WinSCP

Trying to convince my friends that UT2k4 and ET is all the games they'll ever need (don't bother responding, I know there's more)

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