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OSNews, Generic OSes The Hurd is still doing its thing. "Jeremie Koenig started working on his Google Summer of Code project: bringing not only Java to the Hurd, but also fixing or adding missing parts in the Hurd's components along the way. For example, he already contributed a set of signal handling improvements. Samuel Thibault created the first Debian GNU/Hurd CD set with a graphical installer. You can dowload it at the usual place for Debian CD images."
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RE: Status of Hurd?
by Laurence on Wed 13th Jul 2011 10:02 UTC in reply to "Status of Hurd?"
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What is the status of the kernel itself? Are the devs still starting over constantly with a new microkernel or is Hurd becoming close to something we can call "stable"?

PS. is also a noteworthy Hurd distro.

Have you recently downloaded a copy? Because it's not note worthy any more it seems.

I (coincidently) tried to download ArchHurd before reading your post and eventually gave up.

The newest ISO is 9 months out of date (which is a long time in Arch-land) and even that is nearly impossible to get hold of:
* the .torrent file doesn't exist any more
* and the HTTP mirrors ETA at a 2 day download (bare in mind Debians DVD ISO is ~10x larger yet took < 1.5hrs to download on my connection)

Pity really as in an ideal world I'd have preferred Arch over Debian.

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