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Multimedia, AV This is a problem I hadn't yet heard of, so it fascinates me to no end. We all know VLC, right? It's one of the best video players out there, and while I myself generally just install the K-Lite Codec Pack, VLC is definitely a good alternative - and pretty much the norm on Linux. They're having a problem, though: malicious folk are bundling VLC with malware, offering it up for download as the official VLC, and misleading users in the process. Not only does this violate the GPL - it's pretty damn low, too.
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", and no-one has ever done it or even tried to."

Like you said, you cannot prove a negative.

Let me attack your logic a little bit.

While it is true that you cannot prove a negative statement like "and no-one has ever done it or even tried to do"
it is easy to disprove a negative statement like that by showing just one single example where someone has "done it or even tried to".

What you are trying to accomplish here is to equate the importance of
the reality of millions of malware downloads already having affected certain systems
to the importance of
the mere one-time possibility of a malevolent repository admin in some hypothetical future.

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