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OSNews, Generic OSes The Hurd is still doing its thing. "Jeremie Koenig started working on his Google Summer of Code project: bringing not only Java to the Hurd, but also fixing or adding missing parts in the Hurd's components along the way. For example, he already contributed a set of signal handling improvements. Samuel Thibault created the first Debian GNU/Hurd CD set with a graphical installer. You can dowload it at the usual place for Debian CD images."
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by Darkmage on Wed 13th Jul 2011 11:44 UTC in reply to "Comment by greygandalf"
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Call me when they implement core video/audio, and qtkit, opal and qtcore. Until then I'll stick to OSX. Why use an imitation when the original is so much better? GNUStep hasn't even got a web browser yet. (To be fair I am trying to learn objective-C under OSX mainly so I can develop GNUStep applications) but what the hell? GTK/QT are so STUPID compared to gnustep/obj-c. After using quartz composer how can anyone think gstreamer has a chance in hell of becoming anything decent?

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