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Linux In an interview with the Austrian tech site Google's Chris DiBona talks about the important role Open Source plays inside of Google. He also goes on to explain why "Android is the Linux desktop dream come true".
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RE: Linux is inferior coded crap
by olefiver on Wed 13th Jul 2011 14:02 UTC in reply to "Linux is inferior coded crap"
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Thank you for the most fun read I've had all day.

I especially liked how you equated communism and liberalism as two sides of the same evil Jewish coin.
And keep on blaming the Jews; seeing how long and by how many the Jews have been prosecuted throughout history, they must have done something bad, right?

I hope that you'll write a follow up post though, as I don't see any real evidence or sensible argument in favor of your claim that "the GPL is flawed and Linux is an inferior coded mess".

Until then, I'll continue to be a dumb bitch and use Linux.

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