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Windows With Windows Phone 7 being a success among critics and probably the only mobile platform which tries to take at least baby steps away from the old WIMP/desktop paradigm, it's not entirely unsurprising that a lot of people are asking for Windows Phone 7 on tablets. However, Microsoft once again reiterated that WP7 is not meant for tablets, since they view tablets as PCs - hence, they will be running regular Windows.
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Horses for courses
by ourcomputerbloke on Thu 14th Jul 2011 01:18 UTC
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Wake up, check Facebook on your tablet, go to work, plug it into a dock, and use it like a regular computer, with all the features and possibilities of a PC. Go home, plug it into a dock at home, and do some work from there. Go watch some TV, take the tablet with you, and enjoy it on the couch.

Now, with a minor change to one section:

...and use it like a regular computer, with all the features he uses on a PC...

There, that's better. Now it perfectly describes the day of my nephew who owns and runs a multi-million dollar international lawyer placement agency. He recently bought an iPad 2 and has ended up replacing his MacBook Pro with it. They use an Exchange mail server, he connects to terminal services both locally and at remote offices all around the world, uses a stylus to scribble notes and ideas in meetings and on the train, as well as all the standard word processing / spreadsheeting / presentation type junk, all with that mediocre interface.

You could also add in there things like some educational games with your baby daughter when you get home... and the paper / a book / your industry journals that have automatically been downloaded to the device on the train in the morning / afternoon...

Why should everything be judged and gauged by what techy geeks or people with specific industry or specialist needs require? Those who don't like it should just buy a 'droid device then download the source for whatever tickles their fancy and try to shoehorn it into the interface, and maybe a Kindle as well because we all know these color screens are absolutely hideous for reading on. Sheesh.

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