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Windows With Windows Phone 7 being a success among critics and probably the only mobile platform which tries to take at least baby steps away from the old WIMP/desktop paradigm, it's not entirely unsurprising that a lot of people are asking for Windows Phone 7 on tablets. However, Microsoft once again reiterated that WP7 is not meant for tablets, since they view tablets as PCs - hence, they will be running regular Windows.
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Please try playing Dragon Age on facebook. Also, a quick trip over to would also be fun...

The one of reasons Apple doesn't want to put flash on the iPad is due to the fact that a lot of flash programs require hover. Flash only has: left-click, left-double click, & hover.

I still haven't learned how to hover on a touch screen.

Sorry, this should have been posted as a reply to the comment above saying that flash on a BlackBerry PlayBook works ok.

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