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Microsoft "InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard uncovered the fact that Microsoft is paying some organizations to adopt its Office 365 cloud service, mostly in funds that Microsoft earmarks for their customers' migration costs and other required consulting. Although this raised the eyebrows of some bloggers - and I'm sure Google wasn't thrilled - I think this is both smart and ethical. Here's why."
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RE: As long as there is an API...
by Laurence on Thu 14th Jul 2011 07:12 UTC in reply to "As long as there is an API..."
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The good thing about current state of the "cloud" systems are they usually come with an easy to use API. Actually there are already sites compiling thousands of them:

Thus as long as we have access to a reasonable API, switching to another provider would be a possible, by means of a custom migration software.

That's wishful thinking but history has already taught us that not to be the case when comparing desktop software. Despite the abundance of APIs, many cool features are kept secret.

Besides (and from a personal perspective), what's the point in switching from one cloud to another if you're only going to use the same APIs? Effectively you're still dependent on the same originating service. Thus pretty much all you're doing is changing your applications skin.

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