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Multimedia, AV This is a problem I hadn't yet heard of, so it fascinates me to no end. We all know VLC, right? It's one of the best video players out there, and while I myself generally just install the K-Lite Codec Pack, VLC is definitely a good alternative - and pretty much the norm on Linux. They're having a problem, though: malicious folk are bundling VLC with malware, offering it up for download as the official VLC, and misleading users in the process. Not only does this violate the GPL - it's pretty damn low, too.
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Though this must be extremely tiresome for other readers, these past few posts I finally "get" you and understand why it has been so difficult for you to cope with admitting fault.

No, not at all tiresome. Once upon a time Alfman has been a very knowledgeable commenter for me. Now, I feel disenchanted. Insisting on an irrelevant point in order to avoid relevant facts makes bad reputation.

The same holds true for another commenter, lucas_maximus, whose remarks in this thread ("millions of users don't have any problems", "people like Lemur2 go on and on about problems that really don't exist") are textbook examples of bad rhetorics.

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