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Microsoft "InfoWorld's Woody Leonhard uncovered the fact that Microsoft is paying some organizations to adopt its Office 365 cloud service, mostly in funds that Microsoft earmarks for their customers' migration costs and other required consulting. Although this raised the eyebrows of some bloggers - and I'm sure Google wasn't thrilled - I think this is both smart and ethical. Here's why."
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RE: no such thing
by fran on Thu 14th Jul 2011 16:11 UTC in reply to "no such thing"
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Yeh that was a bit harsh, I mean it is capitalist society after all.

I'm happy Microsoft is not restricting Office 365 to Internet explorer.. Linux users will thus for the first time be able to use MS Office without running wine.
I was also surprised by the low monthly fees that start from $6 a month.

And also on MS commitment to make JavaScript a major platform on windows 8. This would surely make apps a lot more portable.

You can argue that this is not altruism but because market demands's nonetheless very good news.

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