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Podcasts Spotify launched in the US today, to become the third serious provider after MOG and RDIO services that offer unlimited streaming of their catalog for a rather small-ish monthly fee. Napster, Real, ZunePass, Thumbplay (now sold away), also offer a similar service, but they never managed to capture the market the same way. I have used all three services above over the last year (some in a short trial mode, some through lengthy subscription), so here's how I see them go down.
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Spotify in the UK
by lucas_maximus on Thu 14th Jul 2011 21:22 UTC
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In the UK for ages we had Ad based listen to anything free service ... now we have 10 hours a month ... before I upgraded (it was less than a couple of pints of Ale down the local).

It concided with this article

Which you may be interested in.

Spotify is IMO a good way of stopping piracy because the price is just right, it is cheap enough that it is more effort to pirate than to pay to use it.

I really like it.

Last.FM is a different niche IMO ... more social music.

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