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Podcasts Spotify launched in the US today, to become the third serious provider after MOG and RDIO services that offer unlimited streaming of their catalog for a rather small-ish monthly fee. Napster, Real, ZunePass, Thumbplay (now sold away), also offer a similar service, but they never managed to capture the market the same way. I have used all three services above over the last year (some in a short trial mode, some through lengthy subscription), so here's how I see them go down.
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If Google and Amazon implemented their music services with half a brain just hashing your legal files on the client and then looking for matches that are already on their servers should speed up uploading quite a lot.
Most digital music in this world is copied from just a few sources. Most people don't rip their stuff, only geeks do.

Wuala already does that and for popular files the upload is just the time it takes to encrypt and hash the file.

But yeah, at the moment uploading sux.

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