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Legal I've been sitting on this item all day. Technically, it's about patents and the like, and even I understand I've been beating this dead horse so often it almost looks like it's alive. However, this is an interesting opinion piece by Craig Hockenberry, long-time employee at The Iconfactory, one of my favourite software development houses - these guys breath software and beautiful design, and employ one of my favourite artists, David Lanham. The gist of his story? Software patents are killing the independent developer scene.
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Ummm ...
by WorknMan on Thu 14th Jul 2011 21:57 UTC
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The sad thing is that the only ones who can change this are the ones who have no interest in changing this at all. Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and so on, all have a vested interest in keeping the patent system as it is - the only changes they are lobbying for are changes to make it harder for smaller entities to use the patent system. While this may stop lawsuits going from patent trolls to the larger companies - it will also turn the patent system into even more of a stomping ground for these same large companies than it already is.

Ummm, isn't this a case of a lawsuit going from a patent troll to a smaller company? Iconfactory is currently getting its ass handed to it by a patent troll, and this guy is blaming the larger companies who are trying to make it harder for patent trolls to abuse the system. So, what am I missing here?

Furthermore, how many cases have we seen of larger companies filing patent lawsuits against small, independent developers? I'd assume that a lot of bad PR would go along with that, and bad PR is like kryptonite to these corporations. I'd also assume these large companies would be happier going after other large companies, where surely more money could be had. Why would they give two shits about some Joe working on a small app out of his bedroom?

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