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Legal I've been sitting on this item all day. Technically, it's about patents and the like, and even I understand I've been beating this dead horse so often it almost looks like it's alive. However, this is an interesting opinion piece by Craig Hockenberry, long-time employee at The Iconfactory, one of my favourite software development houses - these guys breath software and beautiful design, and employ one of my favourite artists, David Lanham. The gist of his story? Software patents are killing the independent developer scene.
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RE[2]: Counterproductive advocacy
by rhavyn on Fri 15th Jul 2011 03:06 UTC in reply to "RE: Counterproductive advocacy"
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"As I've said in previous posts, abuse of the patent system is a problem. However, the kind of advocacy shown by posts like this is completely counter productive.

Well maybe a system that allows abuse should be changed IMMEDIATELLY?
And please read the damn U.S. Patent No. 7,222,078, it's not as simple as a grid of icons but does fall under such idiocy.

What system doesn't allow abuse? And how do you propose changing the patent system?

The statement "grid of icons can be patented" is as emotional statement as "without software patents there will be no software R&D". However, I don't see you debunking the second one.

Point me at a website where the predominant opinion is that without patents there would be no software development and I would. I personally don't know of such a website, nor of anyone who is really making that argument.

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