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Podcasts Spotify launched in the US today, to become the third serious provider after MOG and RDIO services that offer unlimited streaming of their catalog for a rather small-ish monthly fee. Napster, Real, ZunePass, Thumbplay (now sold away), also offer a similar service, but they never managed to capture the market the same way. I have used all three services above over the last year (some in a short trial mode, some through lengthy subscription), so here's how I see them go down.
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RE[2]: One other thing ...
by WereCatf on Fri 15th Jul 2011 11:30 UTC in reply to "RE: One other thing ..."
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We are cheap because we were used to unlimited music with ads. 10 hours per week isn't the only limit - you can only listen to the same song 5 times.

In other words you're just spoiled and that's why you're whining?

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