Linked by Thom Holwerda on Sun 17th Jul 2011 07:39 UTC, submitted by Jennimc
PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "The Lookout Security Team has identified a new variant of DroidDream Light found in the Android Market, which Google already removed from the Android Market. Fortunately the malware was available in the Android Market for a short period of time so the number of downloads was limited to 1000 - 5000. This is the third iteration of malware likely created by the authors of DroidDream; the first was discovered in early March (the original DroidDream) and the second in early June (DroidDream Light)."
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Submitted by an Apple sock puppet
by unclefester on Sun 17th Jul 2011 11:06 UTC
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This was submitted by our favourite Apple sock puppet jennimc as another futile attempted attack on Android.

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